Cafe Andaluz, Glasgow

After yet another brilliant meal at Cafe Andaluz in Glasgow city centre, something dawned on me – this is my favourite restaurant.

How a dude who regularly reviews restaurants didn’t realise this shit before is fucking ridiculous, I know. I guess I just took the place for granted.

Having not been in for a while, Mrs Gangsta suggested a midweek meal at this Spanish tapas joint and we were given the usual friendly welcome at the front desk.

The staff at Cafe Andaluz are among its biggest assets as I can’t recall a time on our many visits that we weren’t given excellent service. These cats know how to make their patrons feel at home.

We usually order three dishes each, after devouring the fabulous bread and olive oil starter basket. I’d never dipped bread in oil in my life until my first visit to Cafe Andaluz. But fuck me if it isn’t the most delicious way to load up on carbs.

For the main event, we went for the three tapas and dessert special. And as usual, I ordered the goat’s cheese with orange and chilli marmalade, black pudding with apple and onion chutney, and the chorizo and black pudding in spicy tomato sauce. Yeah, I love black pudding for real.

Spooning a forkful each of the goat’s cheese and black pudding into my gob is as close to orgasm I’ve ever got with my drawers on. It’s tremendous.

Although they don’t look huge, three tapas dishes are more than enough and I’ve previously ordered four only to find it too much of a challenge. So take my advice and go for three…you can always order more if it comes to it. But it shouldn’t, you greedy fuck.

Swigging on awesome Alhambra beer, I had some banter with our waiter, who was super friendly and great at his job. Mrs Gangsta went for the paella with chicken, pork, chickpea and morcilla (whatever the fuck that is), as well as black pudding with orange marmalade and a cod dish. Top marks all round.

Dessert was a chore as we were both stuffed, but in normal circumstances the cheesecake and ice cream dishes would have been great. All told, our bill came to less than £53.

This was just the latest in a long line of visits to the fabulous Cafe Andaluz. There are sure to be many more. Viva Espana.

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