Sud Forno, Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city, but on this particular afternoon it was unhelpfully doing its best impression of Glasgow – grey and pishing with rain.

So it was time to move indoors and fuel up. Sud Forno on Yonge Street (downtown I should point out, since Yonge Street is a fucking outrageous 86km long) looks inviting from the outside, almost like that place the cast of Friends would meet in for coffee all the time.

Rather than offering table service, Sud Forno is one of those deli-style places where you queue up at a serving counter and pick your meal before paying and finding somewhere to sit. Slightly annoying is the need to queue and pay at a separate counter for coffee, but it wasn’t so busy as to make that a major problem.

I honed right in on the pizza while Mrs Gangsta went for lasagne. Tempted to do the same, I was only put off by the inclusion of ‘eggplant’ in the lasagne. I’m told it was lovely, but that shit don’t fly with me. Eggplant? Nah.

The margarita pizza was fantastic, a big ass slice that really hit the spot. I washed it down with a latte but was disappointed the place only had Stevia sweetener. That stuff doesn’t taste right…give me aspartame every time.

That aside, I was quite impressed with the place and it’s nice, city vibe.

I finished with a delicious piece of fruity granola which, like everything else, seemed a little overpriced. But that’s downtown in a big city for you.

While it won’t rank as one of your most memorable dining experiences, Sud Forno will do the job for a quick lunch stop.

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