3 Brewers, Toronto

Walking from Union Station to the Rogers Centre on the Blue Jays’ Opening Day, I needed a beer for the last leg of the journey.

A sign on the external wall of a building site in Adelaide Street West promised beer brewed in house…and that was enough to tempt me inside.

A short stroll through the building works and we were in 3 Brewers, a welcoming bar/restaurant with an impressive food and drinks menu. But with full bellies, we were only here for the beer.

Eye-catching hanging lights and a glass-fronted area where you can see the brewing works add to the atmosphere, while high seating and tables are positioned to leave plenty of standing room. You can imagine this place being packed with thirsty office workers at around 5.05pm every weeknight.

So what about that beer then? The menu boasted about the taster beers. Being an openminded motherfucker, I went for the Premium Et Cetera taster paddle at $9.

It included the 3 Brewers Blonde, IPA and one each of the ‘Feature’ and ‘Neighbourhood’ beers. All four were excellent, but it was the fantastic, dark ‘Neighbourhood’ ale which worked best for me and I swiftly ordered a pint.

As we were paying, we asked the barman the quickest way to the ball park and he put an accent on a great experience by being super helpful and chatty.

It was just a quick pit stop, but 3 Brewers is 100% a place I’ll be visiting again next time I’m in Downtown Toronto.

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