Gator Ted’s, Burlington, Ontario

Sunday afternoons were made for beer and chicken wings. And church, I suppose.

I usually only get out of bed around noon on a Sunday, so I ain’t got no time for Jesus. Not when there’s chicken and ale out there.

So while on a trip to Canada last month, I decided to find a place of worship that would give me a guaranteed return on my investment. A bunch of buddies met at Gator Ted’s on Guelph Line, a spot they assured me was Burlington’s premier chicken wing joint.

Between us we ordered 12 pounds of wings, some Buffalo style and some in Gator Ted’s own sauce. Blue cheese dip on the side? Abso-fucking-lutely.

As a beer lover, I’d already tried almost every draft Canada has to offer, but I hadn’t yet opted for a plain old pint of Miller Lite. Gator Ted’s has it on tap, along with countless other beers, and I decided it was Miller (Lite) time. Some might put it alongside Bud Lite as one of North America’s blandest, pissiest beers…but I’ve always found it tasty and easy drinking in a can or bottle. On draft, it’s even better.

With the Miller Lites coming one after the other, it was time to sample the wings. I’m a sucker for Buffalo style wings and Ted’s were easily the best I’ve had in Canada – and I’ve had my fair share. Ted’s own sauce was also brilliant, not too far from the Buffalo flavour and oh so easy to inhale by the pound.

We also ordered a pound of Cajun dry rub, which I didn’t even try as I was too infatuated with the Buffalo and Ted’s flavours. My buddies confirmed the dry rub wings were also superb. So much so that one of the lads took a pound home for his kids. Father of the year, no fucking doubt.

Ted’s is a typical sports bar with countless screens, each showing a different live sporting event. Hockey, baseball, football, soccer, golf and even rugby. Eclectic as fuck.

Super friendly staff, a great atmosphere and the best wings for miles. And, I’m reliably informed, the owner actually keeps a limo and a driver on hand to drive drunken patrons home on weekends. That, motherfuckers, is service!

Gator Ted’s…you really have to try it.

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