Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow Gt Western Rd

A Sunday lunch catch-up with a buddy saw me trying a place I’d walked past many times but never sampled before.

Some time around 2010, a shitload of burger joints opened in Glasgow, and Bread Meats Bread has seemingly gone from strength to strength. The West End branch sits on Great Western Road, near the top end of Byres Road, and is no doubt regularly overrun with students.

By popping in fairly early on a Sunday afternoon, we got there before any of the fuckers had risen from their wanking chariots.

Being a fan of all things spicy and an even bigger fan of Buffalo sauce, I chose the Angry Chicken Burger. Jalapenos, chillies, Buffalo sauce – the magic fucking words as far as I’m concerned.

And just for good measure, a portion of Buffalo fries on the side – hot Buffalo sauce, blue cheese mayo and crispy fried onions…shit just got real.

At 12.30pm on a Sunday, it seemed a little early for a burger and fries. But one bite of that butter chicken sandwich and I was right in the mood.

My pal went for the Reuben Pastrami Sandwich and a portion of righteous looking poutine, and his feedback was all positive.

It was way too early to sample any of the amazing selection of beers, but a return trip for dinner will certainly include a pint or three.

Worth noting is that Bread Meats Bread don’t do bookings, so you’ll have to take your chances and hope they have a table when you arrive. And if you’re lucky enough to be accommodated, you’re sure of great service with a smile and an A-grade meal at a surprisingly great price.

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