Kimbao Pinot Noir

I know pretty much jack shit about wine – other than that the white stuff gives me horrific heartburn and the red gear grows more appealing the older I get.

I’ve tried a lot of red and liked most of it, but only loved a few. Pinot Noir has recently replaced Shiraz, and previously Malbec, as my favoured grape…while I’ve also fallen in love with a red blend.

The Naked Wines membership model has proven to be a great educational tool for a non-wine expert, and a recent delivery included a bottle of Kimbao Pinot Noir.

And God damn it, this is some brilliant red wine. I love my reds to have a sweet edge to them and this bottle really scores highly on that front. Maybe it’s the strong fruit presence that aids with the sweetness. But whatever it is, this Chilean wine is right up my alley.

I can definitely taste plum in it, along with a helping of berries. And it smells just perfect.

Kimbao say it goes well with fish, but as a card-carrying hater of seafood, I can confirm it works great with pasta too.

Get your hands on a bottle of Kimbao Pinot Noir and drink like a king.

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