The Square, Glasgow

A few days of snow and suddenly bread and milk are rarer than rocking horse shit in Glasgow.

With nothing in the fridge to rustle up a Saturday morning breakfast, we cleared a path to the car and headed out in search of some grub.

Driving through Broomhill in the West End, we spotted The Square at a neat little row of shops and negotiated the icy car park before heading in.

The place doesn’t look like much from the outside, but once indoors it’s a cute selection of booths and tables with a bar up at the back and loads of those funky old style lightbulbs that I just can’t get enough of.

We were greeted by a nice woman who showed us to our table and who both Mrs Gangsta and I were sure we had met before. After a few minutes, we remembered she served us last year when we went to the fantastic Mora in Glasgow for a memorable dinner.

After a nice chat with our old pal, I ordered a vanilla latte (gangsta as fuck, innit) and Mrs G went for tea and some orange juice. Both of us asked for the full breakfast, which is £5.50 or two for £10 – a proper bargain in this part of town.

As far as traditional fry-ups go, this was great. The black pudding was particularly tasty. That shit is meant to be the new superfood, right? In which case, pile it on because it’s the absolute bomb.

Sure, it’s not difficult to throw together a decent cooked breakfast, but the lovely service and gorgeous surroundings – not to mention those wallet-friendly prices – make The Square a damn certainty for a return visit next time we need morning sustenance.

Go west homies, and give The Square a try. You won’t regret it.

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