Love And Hate Crime (BBC 2018)

I often ask myself why the fuck I pay a television licence fee.

The simple answer, of course, is that my ass would face court proceedings if I didn’t hand over £150 a year to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for the ‘privilege’ of having access to their weak shit.

Other TV channels work in a more simple way – if you don’t pay, you don’t get to watch. But the BBC takes your money whether you want to watch it or not. That’s a fucking hijack in any other language.

Still, when they do something well it’s only fair that they get credit where it’s due. And with their new true crime series Love And Hate Crime, the BBC have nailed it.

The three-episode first season starts with Double Lives, described as ‘the story of a young man who is sentenced to life for the murder of the woman he loved.’ But it’s way, way more interesting that that.

As ever, you’ll find no spoilers here – and this episode has a twist that you will not see coming. The producers skilfully guide you down a certain road, hiding the truth until the big reveal.

The killer pleads guilty pretty much immediately after being arrested for killing his girlfriend, and the focus then turns to why he gave in so easily, rather than take his chances in court.

His gang affiliation and religious beliefs are given as reasons for the brutal slaying as he tries to explain away his actions. But the prosecutors and police are determined not to let him off that easily and he is laid bare as the hate-filled wankstain that he is.

As a start to a short TV series, Double Lives is as captivating as they come.

We can only hope that the next two episodes have a similar impact. However, I’d rather have had the option to watch this series on a pay-per-view basis rather than being mugged out of my cash.

In short – good job BBC. But still, fuck you BBC.

Love And Hate Crime is available now on catch-up and iPlayer

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