Woodlands Coffee House and Tea Room, Paisley

A rare Monday off work and in need of a hearty brunch, we tried one of the newer spots in Paisley.

From the outside, it looks significantly less funky than the building’s previous occupier, Redss Cafe. It has more of a traditional look to it, but in a good way.

The menu seemed to offer exactly what we were after – including a full Scottish breakfast which was what both of us asked for. However, we were told we had narrowly missed the 12noon deadline for the breakfast.

As much as that news sucked, there was plenty of other choices on the menu and we instead opted for pancakes, mine with bacon and syrup and Mrs Gangsta’s came with bacon and scrambled eggs.

I used to find the idea of pancakes with bacon repulsive, but gave in and tried it a few years ago. As anyone who has ever tried it before will know, I was as wrong as fuck. It’s amazing.

And Woodlands know how to make a mighty tasty pancake, so all was good in the hood despite the disappointment over the breakfast knockback.

They also offer the biggest selection of tea I’ve ever seen, and they make a mean decaf latte too.

While we were waiting for the pancakes, we had a nice slice of brown toast which was just what we needed to get over the breakfast heartache. All in all, the bill came to £19.

So if it’s a full slap-up brekkie you want, get there before noon. And if not, you’ll find something to satisfy your hunger at Woodlands.

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