Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Regular readers will know I’m far from a whisky expert.

Brandy (with cola and a shitload of ice) is my beverage of choice. But I’ve always fancied myself as someone who should find a whisky that I like, just to take the edge off my gangsta ass and make me look a little more refined.

If any whisky is gonna tickle my fancy, it has to fairly sweet. None of that peated, TCP-smelling shit works for me.

I previously established that the Balvenie Doublewood 14 is my favourite whisky. It’s got a sweet edge to it and I can comfortably enjoy one or two, with a handful of ice. I also enjoyed a dram of Glen Garioch 12-year-old recently.

So the Balvenie is my baseline when someone asks what whisky I like. A friend of a friend heard about my favoured dram and suggested I’d like the Glen Moray. And I have to say, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

And when I saw their Sherry Cask version (Glen Moray Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Elgin Classic Sherry Cask Finish, to give it its full title) on the shelf of a supermarket for just £20, I had to take a punt – assuming the sherry influence would only add to the sweetness.

And I’m delighted to announce that my hunch was right. This is a superbly easy to drink dram that smells gorgeous and tastes wonderful over some ice.

The aroma is a quite strong vanilla, not unlike some of my favourite brandies. There’s no hint of the medicinal reek that puts me off so many whiskies.

Not being overly familiar with sherry, I guess I can pick up some of it in the smell too. But suffice to say it smells great – very inviting indeed.

When you take that first sip, it is very similar to the regular, non-Sherry Glen Moray but you quickly get a fabulous, sweet taste that lingers just the right amount of time and signs off with a spicy kick.

Nothing warms you up from the inside quite like a good Scotch, and this shit gives you all kind of warm tingles.

So, you might ask, why is it only £20 a bottle? My knowledgable whisky friends tell me Glen Moray have slashed prices to try and get a foothold in the market. And if that means that it won’t be at £20 for long, I’d suggest stocking up on as much as you can carry.

This is right up there with the Balvenie in terms of my favourite whisky. Don’t fuck about, get your hands on a bottle today.

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