The Bothy, Glasgow

Usually I tend to steer clear of Glasgow’s posh West End. It ain’t no place for a street-as-fuck motherfucka like me.

But I married above my pay grade and so sometimes I gotta venture where no gangsta has ventured before, just to keep shit tight. Planning an early Christmas night out with old friends, we opted for the fixed festive menu at The Bothy in Ruthven Lane, off the somewhat poncy yet extremely popular Byres Road.

Marketing itself as “a unique Scottish restaurant serving modern classics with a twist,” The Bothy is clearly aiming itself at people with a few quid in their pockets. But the set festive menu deal at £32.95 per person seemed a good offer, with plenty of options over the three courses.

The restaurant is round a corner at the end of a cute lane, and approaching from the outside it’s a gorgeous and welcoming looking place, especially on a freezing cold December night.

Inside, it was pretty much packed and there was a real buzz about the place. Couples trying to enjoy a quiet meal were drowned out somewhat by livelier, noisier groups – but it’s Christmas, so what are you gonna do?

The four of us ordered a bottle of white (La Doutelle Sauvignon Blanc £22.95) and a bottle of red (Las Condes Cabernet Sauvignon £19.95), both of which were straight up delicious.

We opted for starters of smoked duck breast and a duck liver pate, both of which got the thumbs up from both parties. There was some confusion though, as the pate wasn’t actually on the printed menu we were handed – despite it 100% being there on the online version of the festive dinner menu and me having set my heart on it before we had arrived. Fair play to the waitress who said not to worry, she would allow us to have it as part of the set menu anyway.

Three of our party went for the turkey with date and apple stuffing main course. It looked like a massive portion and I definitely had food envy when I looked down at my somewhat pathetic looking slow braised shin of beef. That said, the beef was excellent – pulling apart perfectly and working well with the truffle mash and rosemary pan jus. Those who had the turkey were more than satisfied with their grub.

I was desperate for a savoury dessert, as my main course was pretty small. And I have to give props to the Mull cheddar and Colston Basset stilton cheese with stout chutney. The cheese and chutney were fantastic with the little oatcakes and it really hit the spot. Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake and chocolate delice with blackberry and Chambord compote also impressed.

The only real downside to the night came when we were handed the bill of £174.70. Seemed hella steep when we had previously paid a deposit of £10 per person. Finally we worked out that the £40 deposit hadn’t been deducted, for which the waitress was apologetic and soon had it sorted out.

Still, it’s not a difficult thing to get right and we could have really done without having to query the bill at the end of what was a superb meal.

That and the meagre beef main course aside, this was a great night in a lovely setting, with excellent staff and top notch food.

If you’re looking for a proper Scottish restaurant in Glasgow, The Bothy hits almost every mark. And although we didn’t partake, the selection of single malt whisky is surely among the best in the city.

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