Wilderer Fynbos gin

There probably ain’t any drink more gangsta than gin. Shit, if it’s good enough for Snoop Dogg…

While I’m mainly a brandy and Coke kinda guy, it’s good to expand your horizons every now and again. Especially when it comes to getting fucked up.

As we do every year, Mrs Gangsta and I ordered the excellent Naked Wines Deluxe Christmas Collection. As well as a phenomenal selection of wines, they hook you up with some sensational extras. And imagine my surprise when packed in the box was a bottle of posh-looking gin.

“Fynbos,” I said. “That’s a South African plant.” Being from my homeland, this gin already had my attention. And when I noticed ‘Wild Dagga’ in the ingredients, I got really excited.

You see, Dagga is what South Africans call marijuana. I’d never heard the term ‘Wild Dagga’ before, but it turns out it’s a plant that, when smoked, gives a very mild buzz. You learn some new shit every day in this game.

So these crazy Saffas put a mildly psychoactive plant in their booze? Sounds awesome.

When not bought as part of the Naked Wines bundle, this’ll set you back £40 a bottle.

The Wilderer people recommend mixing with good quality tonic and garnishing with “pineapple and curry leaves.” With my local supermarket not having any fresh curry leaves that night, I opted for pineapple, lime and fresh mint.

And if I don’t say so myself, I think I might have just created a work of fucking genius. Damn, this is one fine beverage. And eating the chunk of pineapple when you’ve drained your glass is, in itself, a reward worth waiting for.

When you spend double the average price on a bottle of spirits, you should be able to taste the quality immediately. And with the Wilderer Fynbos, you are in no doubt that you’re in very impressive company.

As soon as I get my hands on fresh curry leaves, I will try the pineapple/curry leaves concoction – even if it sounds a little too out there for my tastes. And even if that doesn’t work, I know that pineapple, lime and mint makes for a heavenly combination with this gorgeous gin.

Take a walk on the muthafuckin’ Wilderer side.

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