Mr Noodles Kimchi Chicken Bowl

Ever had one of those sachets of freeze dried noodles or pasta that you pour boiling water on as your main meal on a working day? Sure you have, and it’s left you feeling a little dead inside every time.

If, like most of us, you can’t find the time or just can’t be bothered to prepare a healthy, filling lunch to take to work with you, you face two choices. Go to Greggs and get fatter, or try keep the calorie intake fairly sensible with one of these underwhelming freeze dried delicacies.

I’ve tried them all. Every brand name you can think of and every flavour too. As well as being nowhere near enough to fill you up, they mostly taste like shit…or like nothing at all.

Imagine my surprise then when I first tried one of these Mr Noodles Kimchi Chicken Bowls and it actually made the grade.

First things first, it is a bigger portion than similar products. And it also comes in a handy ready to use bowl.

Pour on boiling water to the fill line, add the flavour sachet and leave for three minutes, and you’re ready to go. There’s also a little sachet of freeze dried vegetables, but I throw that shit straight in the fuckin’ bin.

And here’s the best part…this stuff tastes great. There’s a real spice kick to it and there’s enough of it that it will fill a hole when you’re in a bind.

And once you’ve smashed the noodles, there’s always plenty of the spicy soup left behind to finish the job.

Sure, it’s the same cheap, freeze dried, processed noodle product as every other similar thing on the market. But as far as taste is concerned, there’s just no comparison.

Buy in a bulk package and you’re paying less than £1 per serving. Get your noodle on, motherfuckers!

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