The Citizen (Editor’s Suite), Glasgow

How an old newspaper guy like myself had never heard of this joint until now probably says a fair amount about my news sense.

The location (former home of the extinct since the 1970s Evening Citizen), the unmistakably masthead-styled font, the glaring references to the news world – it’s hardly subtle.

But walking along St Vincent Place after a lovely meal nearby, I looked up and muttered: “Looks like a newspaper font.” We kept walking by and then, through the glass, noticed an adjoining room that seemed quiet and kinda classy.

So we went inside The Citizen and asked a nice man at the door if we could go through to the quiet bar area. The main, lively, room seemed perfectly pleasant but we were in the mood for something a little more laid back. However, we were told you had to book ahead to get access to what we now know is called ‘the Editor’s Suite.’

Just as we were about to head through the crowds to the main bar, the same man said he’d check if there were any free tables in the Editor’s Suite…and we were in luck.

Once inside, it was every bit as classy and relaxed as it looked from the street and we ordered a couple of cocktails. The Fruit Salad Daiquiri was as refreshing as it sounds, while my Barra Merch (“all the flavours of a Saturday at the heart of Glasgow trade”) was interesting, if a bit overpowered by the peaty Laphroaig whisky.

A pint of some kind of darker, jumped-up Tennent’s Lager was much better than I expected, not being a fan of the local brewery’s standard offering.

The atmosphere was exactly what we were after and the service was spot on, making it a certainty that we’ll be back soon and this time with more of the night ahead of us to enjoy one of Glasgow’s classiest bars.

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