The Anchor Line, Glasgow

Meat…it’s my favourite food.

So when Mrs Gangsta suggested a trip to this Glasgow restaurant that specialises in steak, I was only too happy to agree.

Our table was ready and waiting for us upon arrival and a very smiley waitress asked us what we’d like to drink.

As it was a special occasion (my old ass getting a year older), we splashed out on a bottle of The Boundary Hut Pinot Noir from New Zealand – as spicy red that would prove to be an ideal choice for the meat that was to follow.

The Anchor Line is themed around a shipping line between Scotland and North America, but the decor doesn’t go over the top on this front. A lively bar area takes up much of the space in the main room, and our table was in a quieter part of the restaurant, which suited us fine.

I went for the ribs to start. They came with a gorgeous, fruity barbecue sauce and a portion of slaw that looked a little limp and lifeless. But I’m all about the meat (lol) anyway and the ribs were a winner. Mrs Gangsta’s scallops with black pudding got top marks from her.

For the main event we chose the 800g Porterhouse Steak to share. It’s a brilliant t-bone that was cooked to perfection and provided more than enough to satisfy us both. Sides of mashed potato and hand cut chips were also excellent and the garlic butter and gorgonzola sauces went beautifully with the steak. I asked the wife if it would be rude of me to pick up the t-bone and suck the meat scraps from it.

Judging by her face, it apparently would indeed have been rude. Where I come from, we don’t waste good meat, but what can you do.

The steak didn’t leave much room for dessert, so we shared a chocolate brownie which, while not life-changing, was decent enough. I also ordered a Laird’s Applejack brandy with Coke. Fuck it, it was my birthday after all.

Overall, great service, superb grub and damn fine booze. Definitely one of the finer joints for a steak in Glasgow. And at £130 all-in, it can make a fair claim of being very good value for money.

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