Long Shot (Netflix documentary)

True crime is the entertainment world’s equivalent of crystal meth.

Motherfuckers just can’t get enough of hearing about the misery of regular folk. And if that story includes some poor bastard being wrongly accused or convicted of a crime, even better. That right there is the best meth available – Walter White’s blue shit, for real.

Netflix have been smart enough to invest in a boatload of true crime films and shows, having been as blown away by the success of Making A Murderer as the rest of us were by the show itself.

Their latest effort, Long Shot, follows the ‘man falsely accused’ storyline and it sets its stall out early so that you know Juan Catalan didn’t kill the 16-year-old victim. The problem is, how the hell is he gonna prove it?

And that’s where this documentary has a rabbit up its sleeve that would relegate Steven Avery’s story from the front page.

You see, Juan Catalan was at a baseball match that night. And while he had the ticket stubs to back up his story, that wouldn’t be enough in America’s totally fucked up justice system to prevent him from facing a murder trial.

But when he remembers that a TV show was being filmed at the stadium that night – right where he and his daughter happened to be seated – his luck changes.

Cue an utterly surreal cameo from Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David and one of the most emotional, heart-wrenching, jaw-dropping and satisfying endings to a documentary you will ever see.

This film combines two of my favourite things – true crime and baseball. And it does it in such a smart and touching way that I can’t imagine anyone not loving every minute of it.

At only 40 minutes long, Long Shot doesn’t demand a lot of your time. But it will leave you wishing it was an entire series, such is the power of the astonishing story it serves up.

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