The Last Post, Paisley, Scotland

Say what you want about Wetherspoon pubs – but can you honestly say you’ve ever had a bad pint in a Spooney’s?

And in the hundreds of British pubs in the JD Wetherspoon chain, there is no doubt a wide spread of good, bad and indifferent when it comes to presentation and atmosphere.

Some are better than others, and The Last Post in Paisley is certainly on the ‘good’ end of that scale. It’s an absolutely massive pub, with a huge seating area downstairs and further seating on the top level.

Toilets are large and usually spotlessly clean and tables are kept clear and tidy. There are enough TV sets to keep those who want them happy, while not too many that it turns into a soulless theme bar. One or two fruit machines are in place, but again the place is so big that they don’t impact too heavily on the atmosphere.

The building was formerly the headquarters for Renfrewshire’s mail system, hence the name, and the vast space makes for a great drinking hall with plenty of old school decor and one particularly nice booth which is almost always occupied.

And that is no surprise, as The Last Post is always busy – whatever time of day or night you should visit. The usual, fairly bog standard, Wetherspoons food menu is available. But really, we’re all here the beer, innit?

And along with all the usual suspects on draft (Tennent’s, Fosters, Stella, Bud Light) there is an ever-changing selection of guest ales and also some funkier lagers, such as Innes & Gunn and Tuborg.

The fridges are packed with more bottles than you can comprehend and they’ve got you well covered on the wine and spirits front too.

Staff at The Last Post are always friendly and do their best to work quickly through the masses of people gathering at the bar in peak periods. They also don’t take any shit, on the odd occasion a stray arsehole wanders through the door.

If you’re in Paisley for an event or just passing through the adjoining Gilmour Street Station, you could do a lot worse than popping into The Last Post for a brilliant pint at the very best prices in town.

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