Narcos Season 3

Guns, drugs, girls, kidnappings, murder, sleazeball politicians, bent cops, frustrated cops – what more do you really need for a badass TV show?

Good writing definitely helps. And the team behind Netflix’s jewel in the crown Narcos are among the best in the business.

Where would they go after the brilliance of seasons 1 and 2? Would viewers be happy with huge changes in the list of characters (on which I’ll say no more, to avoid spoilers)?

Could the writers keep this show at the same levels of intensity and extreme watchability?

Fuck yes is the answer. Season 3 is arguably an even better story across its 10 episodes than the first two seasons. And it helps that many of us would be less familiar with the antics of the Cali Cartel than we were with Pablo Escobar’s Medellin crew.

That leaves the writers with more room to really shock and surprise the viewer, and they do that again and again in progressively more violent ways.

The Cali Cartel – led by brothers Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez – are plotting a clean break from the drug world, having agreed an acceptable exit plan with politicians and the law. But things start to go horribly wrong for many of those involved.

With DEA Agent Javier Pena up against familiar resistance from politicians as he tries to save the world from the drug barons, we are treated to a series of remarkable events portrayed in graphic detail and alongside that brilliant narration we have become so used to.

Alberto Ammann as Pacho Herrera remains as multi-faceted as ever, while we are also introduced to the Cali Cartel’s man in New York, Chepe Santacruz-Londono – portrayed chillingly by the cold-as-ice Pepe Rapazote.

Matias Varela as the cartel’s head of security, Jorge Salcedo, is also superb and viewers will struggle with whether to root for him or wish that he gets popped.

Wall-to-wall great performances and enough action to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty makes Narcos one of the greatest crime series’ out there.

Just don’t get too attached to any of the cast. This drugs shit rarely ends well.

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