Buck’s Bar, Glasgow

I’m a beer man – I might have mentioned that in previous reviews. Hell, I’ve pretty much tasted them all…and loved almost all of them.

So when I was told a bar in Glasgow that I’d never heard of had one of my favourite American beers, Pabst Blue Ribbon, on draft…well, I had to check it out.

Buck’s Bar is one of the many new American-themed bars and restaurants cropping up across the UK. But its basement location in Glasgow’s West Regent Street ensures it still has the feel of a British pub rather than the clinical vibe of some similar venues.

We visited late on a Saturday night and the place was very quiet. But the Pabst was flowing and damn fine it was too. And at £4.25 a pint, it’s a lot less damaging on the wallet than it could have been.

The decor is pretty cool, with nice booths and a stage area for bands. And the Pabst neon light in the corner is top notch.

Top marks also go to the staff, who were friendly and chatty while ensuring us the place was busy all night and had only quietened down in the hour before we arrived.

Buck’s is getting a lot of positive buzz about its chicken menu and I’ll be sure to return to be properly fed and watered in the near future.

Glasgow’s established boozers best pay close attention. There’s a new sheriff in town.

UPDATE: 15 October, 2017

Having not sampled the food on my last visit, I popped in on the way to a gig on a Sunday night with Mrs Gangsta. This time, in contrast to my first visit, the place was mobbed. We were shown to a booth but waited more than five minutes for the waiter to wipe the table down. Not a great start.

The beer was, as ever, fantastic. And we ordered a portion of eight big-ass Buffalo chicken wings which truly were as tasty as they come. The blue cheese dip was on point, but our second round of drinks took so long to come that I had to remind the waiter we’d asked his colleague for a round when we’d ordered the food.

Incredible beer and awesome grub, but Buck’s Bar could use a few more staff for busy periods as the service didn’t really hit the spot. In saying that, I will definitely be back as nobody’s perfect all of the time, right?

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