West on the Green, Glasgow

Ah, beer….the golden nectar; mother’s milk; giggle water; super suds. There’s little that gets my spirits up quite like a pint of the good stuff.

And if you’re in search of a bubbly bevvy in the fine city of Glasgow, you absolutely must visit West Brewery on Glasgow Green. This fantastic bar and restaurant brews a brilliant selection of its own beers on site, each and every one of them pitcher perfect.

Following a strong German theme – both in the beer menu and the food menu – West is unlike anything else in Scotland. I’ve been here many times in the past and have never left disappointed.

Whether it’s been a sunny afternoon in the beer garden, surrounded by punters’ dogs which are welcome here, or for an evening meal or, once, a friend’s wedding, West never fails to deliver.

The ‘house’ lager, St Mungo, is way better than your average standard lager and can be found on draft in many Scottish pubs. But the rest of the menu features a range of treats, my favourite being the Feierabend Pilsner, wth its hint of grape and easy-drinking flow. It reminds me of the beers of my youth and I keep going back for more.

In an effort to educate the wider public, though, I’ve tasted pretty much all of the drafts on offer. The heavy Munich Red is nice enough, but not something I could drink all night, while the Wild West – a slightly less refined take on the St Mungo – is as close to perfect as a lager can get.

After a few pints of all that magical beer, some grub is required. And on our most recent visit (September 2017), Mrs Gangsta and I both went for the house burger with added cheese, Mrs Gangsta adding some bacon.

The pretzel bun sets this burger apart from so many others and the perfectly salted chips really hit the spot. And if you like your coleslaw a menacing shade of purple, you’re in luck.

The prices are surprisingly wallet-friendly and the staff as helpful and friendly as you could hope for. And whether you’re visiting on a summer’s day and enjoying the beer garden, or popping in on a cold night and want to keep warm indoors, West is 100% worth checking out.

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