Brewgooder Clean Water Lager

The thug life ain’t an easy life – but it helps if you’ve got a cold beer in your hand.

I’m a man that enjoys a brandy & coke or an occasional glass of red wine, but the go-to beverage of choice is always a cold brewski.

A good friend who has a touch of the hippies about them recommended this particular beer because 100% of the profits are handed over to clean water projects worldwide.

While the charity angle tugs at the heartstrings, that don’t mean shit if the beer ain’t up to scratch. Good thing then that this is a luscious lager that quenches the thirst and packs a crisp punch.

Growing up in South Africa, I was a big fan of locally brewed Hansa Pilsener which features the saaz hop, and Brewgooder’s Clean Water Lager is also made with the saaz hop. Any far-flung South Africans who long for the unmistakable taste of Hansa can get their fix with a can of Brewgooder’s awesome effort.

Get a cold beer down your neck and help bring safe drinking water to people who really need it. You’d be a twat not to drink this beer.

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