Bodean’s Covent Garden, London

Turning up mob handed with a crew of six on a Friday night in central London, I didn’t expect to get a table at this popular joint in Covent Garden.

But we got hella lucky and were shown to a booth in what is a funky styled restaurant that focuses on meat of the smokehouse BBQ variety – and a damn fine job it does of it too.

Despite being a hungry bunch, we were all in agreement by the end of this meal that we really didn’t need a starter. The portions are huge and are so damn tasty that you’re unlikely to leave a morsel behind.

The Nachos Supreme were magic and didn’t last long, while cornbread muffins on the side were simply perfect.

Having been here before, I made the controversial choice of Mac & Cheese as a main rather than going for anything from the wonderful selection of meats on offer. Filled to the brim with nachos and cornbread, I barely ate a quarter of the portion. That’s no reflection on the meal itself, which was spot on taste-wise.

As well as the remains of my macaroni, there were scattered leftovers of the 1lb Burrito and just about every other main ordered – again no reflection on the quality, rather a result of the sheer size of the portions.

A brilliant selection of beers and even moonshine shots make sure you won’t be stuck for something good to drink, and the staff are straight up superstars.

Get your ass to Bodean’s and be prepared not to eat for a week afterwards.

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