Swiss Army Man

Now here’s a movie that’ll split opinion.

If you’re offended by fart jokes, inappropriate boners, the molesting of dead bodies and repeated use of the word ‘retard’, then move along now.

However, if you’re open to morally questionable humour then this’ll likely raise a few giggles. Paul Dano is his typical, likeable, cutesy, awkward self as a man stranded on a remote island.

As he’s about to take his own life, a corpse washes up on the beach. Played by Daniel Radcliffe, the suit-wearing dead man ends up being the funniest stiff you’ve ever come across in a film.

In a word, this film is straight-up mental. But kudos for the maniacs behind it and for having the balls to actually pitch this to the money men.

Check it out.

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