Frank’s RedHot Wings Buffalo Sauce

The marketing line used by Frank’s for this sauce is “I put this shit on everything.”

And God damn it if the motherfuckers aren’t right.

Since discovering this orgasm in a bottle, I actually do pour it over pretty much everything I put in my mouth.

It works especially well with chicken, which makes sense as it’s hailed as a sauce for chicken wings. But it’s nothing short of magic on chips, steak, pasta, rice… Yeah, pretty much everything.

If I didn’t think it’d make me one step short of a certifiable lunatic, I’d put it on my dessert too.

On a trip to the city of Buffalo, New York, in 2015, I tasted ‘real’ Buffalo chicken wings and fell instantly in love with the sauce. Ever since, I’ve tried damn near every hot sauce on the shelves in search of that taste. In Frank’s Buffalo, I’ve finally cracked it.

While this packs a fair punch, it’s not hot enough that it masks the natural taste of your food. Compared to Frank’s regular RedHot sauce, it has a much more distinct flavour of mustard, which I assume is a main ingredient in the sauce used by chicken purveyors in upstate New York.

It’s sold in single bottles at almost every British supermarket. But my life felt complete when I found it in a family pack of 2 X 680ml giant bottles in Costco.


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