Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan sits a matter of yards off the coast of Montenegro and is attached to the mainland by a thin strip of land.

And looking at it from the beach, it’s like a sun-drenched fairytale. A former fishing village, it’s now a self-contained hotel and resort that costs a small fortune to stay at.

But for a much smaller fee, sunbeds and parasols can be hired on the main beach – affording a beautiful view of one of Montenegro’s most perfect places.

Just five minutes in a taxi from Becici (and 10 minutes from Budva), Sveti Stefan is a must-see location when nearby.

To lounge on the biggest beach it’ll cost €30 to hire two beds and a parasol – ideal if you want to take in the view and gaze longingly at Sveti Stefan itself. Just a few yards away is a more exclusive beach (to the right as you look at the island) which will set you back €100 for the exact same beds and parasols.

The posh beach was empty when we visited, with the cheaper beach not overly busy. A bit further along to the right is a private beach exclusively for guests staying on Sveti Stefan.

Near the ‘cheap’ beach is a little bar and restaurant as well as a small shop which sells snacks and cold cans of beer. Top tip: nobody stopped us taking our shop-bought cans of beer to our beds.

To the left about 50 yards is a beach bar and restaurant, which we visited for an ice cold pint.

If lying on the beach for too long leads to boredom, a two-man pedalo can be hired on the ‘cheap’ beach for just €10.

Visitors to Montenegro should note that almost every beach is pebbly or rocky, as is the case at Sveti Stefan.

Check out our review of the Aman Restaurant for a sneaky way of getting onto the island without spending your life savings on a room.

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