Aman Restaurant, Sveti Stefan

Perfect honeymoon meal? Nailed it.

Becici in Montenegro is, admittedly, an usual choice for a honeymoon location. But this gangsta is nothing if not adventurous.

We’d been to Bruges for a brief post-wedding break (a minimoon, I’m told) and having already visited the world’s most romantic city, we felt some sunshine and relaxation was in order for the honeymoon proper.

Becici and Budva are wonderful and you can read all about our time there via this link. But our main honeymoon celebratory meal at the Aman Restaurant on Sveti Stefan deserves a review all of its own.

Not being in the top 1% of earners on earth, there was no way were were going to be able to afford to stay on the exclusive island itself. But thankfully there’s a way to visit without having to be hotel guests.

If you book early enough and if you’re lucky, you can get a seat at a table in one of the island’s two restaurants. We opted for the Aman Restaurant for the views – and we were not disappointed.

Sure, this was by far the most expensive meal of our 10 days in Montenegro…but on honeymoon you gotta splash out, right?

A 7pm booking had us there for the most perfect sunset and the food, service and drinks were all equally as impressive. A waitress came out to the mainland entrance to escort us to the restaurant and gave us a brief history lesson on the way.

The views from the restaurant terrace are outrageous and the setting on the island itself is just flawless. History, beauty and class in abundance – and that’s before we even get to the meal itself.

Mrs Gangsta loves her seafood and went to town on that front, while I tried veal for the first time in my life. While overall the food choice was a little on the posh side for my taste, it was mighty impressive if you don’t mind admitting you haven’t got a clue what any of it means.

Our waiter was very helpful and made me feel less ignorant than I must have appeared. His recommendation of a €60 bottle of rose wine was spot on and just what we needed in the early evening heat.

After our meal we were invited up to the rooftop bar area for a drink and the staff even called us a taxi when we were ready to head off.

Quite simply, one of the nicest dining experiences of our lives.

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