One Minnewater, Bruges

We were looking for somewhere nice to eat on our last night in Bruges and phoned up earlier in the day to book a table.

After a few days of blowing my new wife’s mind with the sights, sounds and tastes of the stunning city of Bruges, we needed to unwind and be spoiled rotten.

The restaurant is a little bit outside of the city centre, but still well within walking distance and worth the adventure to find it. When you enter, there is a little bar on the right hand side and the main eating area looks sort of like someone’s living room…and I mean that in a good way.

It’s very quaint and welcoming, with a fire going strong and even a little alcove area that another couple were fortunate enough to have booked. It looked lovely.

As you eat, you can see and hear people passing by on their bicycles on the cobbled street outside, which adds to the very romantic atmosphere of this gorgeous city.

I stupidly ordered carpaccio, attracted by the word ‘beef’ in the description. I now know that carpaccio is essentially sliced, raw beef and won’t make that mistake again. My skills are in being all gangsta and shit, not in knowing what fancy foods are called. Mrs Gangsta found it very funny and thankfully she ate it for me while I stole some of her beer croquettes.

For a main course she had the steak and I went for the meatballs, both of which were lovely. We shared a chocolate pie dessert. The recommended red wine was excellent and very reasonably priced.

As we came out at around 10pm, a factory across the street was closing and all the workers were streaming out…which briefly turned a very quiet street into a busy one, again adding to the atmosphere.

Definitely recommended and, as seems to be the case with Bruges as a whole, a near perfect experience.

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