Beautiful Bruges

Looking for a honeymoon location that’ll have your missus eating out the palm of your hand? Bruges, son, go to Bruges.

We got married in February in a freezing Glasgow and thought we’d check out Bruges for what my wife annoyingly called a “minimoon…because we’ll go on a proper honeymoon in the summer.”

Having visited a wintry Amsterdam the previous year, we figured Bruges would offer a similarly cold canal experience but on a smaller, and less sleazy, scale. And rarely have we heard the Belgian city mentioned without the words “beautiful” and “historic” used in the same breath.

It turns out Bruges is indeed a smaller, even more beautiful, version of Amsterdam – without the distraction of widely-available drugs and prostitution.

No self-respecting gangsta is gonna badmouth the drug trade or prostitution, but even I know that shit ain’t gonna fly when you’re on honeymoon.

The cheapest route to Bruges from Glasgow was a KLM flight to Brussels, with a brief stop in Amsterdam, and a two-hour train journey. All-in-all, the journey was easy enough, despite narrowly missing our connecting flight in Amsterdam. Thankfully, there was another flight a few hours later so no real damage done…apart from dropping a few Euros from the honeymoon fund blown in the Schiphol Airport casino.

Arriving in Bruges a few hours later than planned, we checked into the gorgeous five star Hotel Duke’s Palace (review here) and headed out for a walk.

There truly is nowhere in Bruges’ small old city that doesn’t blow your mind. Architecturally, there can be fewer more perfect cities anywhere in Europe. And with such a tiny area to explore, you can easily see the whole city on foot – which we did over the course of our three days there.

Famous for chocolate and beer, you’re never going to be short of either and you’ll also struggle to find a bad pint anywhere in Bruges. The various brewery tours are well worth the money and staff are friendly, very helpful and, without exception, speak perfect English.

Avoid the tourist trap Beer Museum’s boring tour and rather sample the goods in as many of the wonderful small bars as you can manage. You’ll also never be stuck for somewhere great to eat and, overall, prices are comparably attractive across the board.

See our other reviews of various eateries and pubs in Bruges to ensure your trip to this stunning city is one that you’ll never forget.

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