De Halve Maan Brewery, Bruges

We stopped in for the brewery tour on a quiet weekday and it was, for the most part, a great experience.

The only thing that came close to a negative was the first member of bar staff we spoke to when we asked about the tour. He seemed a little annoyed and wasn’t the most pleasant person….giving the impression that he’d rather we hadn’t bothered him.

But from then on in it was fantastic. The tour is very reasonably priced and our tour guide (speaking English) was a very nice local woman who clearly loves her job…and her beer!

The tour is interesting enough and there are a lot of nice little exhibits scattered around the place, such as dusty old crates of beer going back many years. And the view from the top of the brewery is worth the admission price alone.

Free beer at the end of the tour is most welcome, and the Zot beers are all superb.

Definitely worth a visit if in Bruges – one of Review Gangsta’s favourite cities on earth.

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