Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Art is music, right? Art is great TV and films and t-shirts and all that cool shit. But ‘real’ art, paintings and stuff…I’m really not into art at all. However, even my Philistine ass enjoyed this brilliant museum.

All the advice suggests you book ahead to avoid long queues, so we booked online on the tram as we were making our way to the museum and the website worked perfectly on the iPhone’s Safari browser. When we got there, there was actually no queue to speak of but in the busier tourist seasons I can imagine it being chaos, so get your electronic ticket in advance.

The interactive tour guide is superb and gives you as much information as you could possibly need about Van Gogh and his works.

I would only have been able to identify the famous sunflowers painting as one of his works, but on this trip discovered a new love for his ‘skull smoking a cigarette’ painting! It’s the bomb, seriously.

Art lovers will no doubt be thrilled and, even if you’re not interested in art, I’d say give it a go. Well worth the visit and it’s near some awesome, quieter pubs and restaurants too.

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