Fletcher Hotel, Amsterdam

I should start with a disclaimer. I was in Amsterdam to see a gig…honest.

Mrs Gangsta and I chose the hotel based on its location in relation to the gig venue, Heineken Music Hall, and also its unusual design.

It is spotlessly clean and the fact that the building is round makes for interestingly-shaped rooms. Note…the shower is in the middle of the room, which is fine for couples but might be hella awkward for friends sharing.

The bar is lovely and offers great views, but we found the service to be pretty slow….with some staff even cleaning glasses and filling fridges while we were standing there waiting to be acknowledged. On the plus side, prices at the bar are not bad for a hotel.

The breakfast was nice enough and, again, the restaurant gives amazing views whether at night or during the day.

Perhaps the only real downside to this hotel is that is a pretty long walk to the nearest train station. It became a bit of a pain in the hump for us over the space of the three days we stayed there. You’re looking at a brisk 15-minute walk from hotel to station, or a 20-minute leisurely stroll.

In saying that, Uber is widely available in Amsterdam and we used that to get to and from the Heineken Music Hall, will the journey coming in at under €10 each way. From the local station to Amsterdam Centraal Station is about a 20-minute train journey.

Overall, this is a pretty gangsta hotel. It looks cool, it’s close enough to the city without being right in among the hustle and bustle and there’s decent transport options. But if you wanna spend most of your time in the city centre, you might wanna look for something closer to town.

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