Sensational Santorini, Greece

God damn – this island has to be right up there with the prettiest places on earth.

Known for its blue-roofed, snow white buildings and outrageous views over the Aegean Sea, Santorini is quite breathtaking.

Particularly beautiful is the gorgeous little town of Oia, with its narrow cobbled streets and countless hotel rooms seemingly carved into the mountainside. Some of the rooms (which, frighteningly, can be as expensive as €1000 a night) have their own private pools and unforgettable views.

We certainly couldn’t afford such extravagance and instead had to make do with a day trip, which allowed us the chance to grab a gyros from a street vendor and later a beer at a lovely little bar on one of the aforementioned cobbled streets of Oia.

Busloads of tourists coming over from one or other of the neighbouring Greek islands (we visited from our holiday base in Crete) mean the streets can get crowded, but we didn’t find it too overwhelming on that front. And we could only imagine how magical Oia would be in the evenings once the day-trippers leave and the restaurants and bars become the preserve of the residents.

Santorini is also known for its locally produced wine and a bottle of 2014 Mavrotragano Mandilaria red we bought before boarding the ferry back to Crete was downright delicious.

If you find yourself within day trip distance, you’d be a fool not to visit Santorini. And if you can afford to stay, you will talk about it for many years to come.

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