Britannia Hotel, Durban, South Africa

When I was but a young gangsta-in-waiting, I grew up in the beautiful city of Durban, South Africa.

And for anyone who has ever called Durban home, the famed ‘bunny chow’ will remain the greatest meal known to man. Is there anything more bad-ass than a quarter loaf of bread, hollowed out and filled with curry?

No, there is not. This is food porn, straight up.

Whenever I’m back home in Durban I ask various people where the best bunny chow is to be had. Britannia has held that crown for a good few years now – and no wonder.

Go for the quarter mutton bunny to get the authentic Durban curry experience. Absolutely delicious and very filling. And cheap! You won’t get a bigger meal at this price anywhere else in Durban.

Drinks are well priced too and there is parking alongside the hotel, which can be tricky to find as it sits almost underneath a freeway flyover. Make sure you know where you’re headed before you set off.

Definitely a must-visit spot if you’re ever in sunny Durbs.

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