Maximo Park, Too Much Information

Maximo Park’s 2005 debut A Certain Trigger was as close to a perfect indie album as has been produced in many a year, and the follow-up very nearly matched it.

Since then, they have gone ever so slightly off the boil while still remaining once of Britain’s best loved bands.

New album Too Much Information sees Paul Smith and co try something new, most obviously on the superb single Brain Cells.

It’s wonky electronic heart allows Smith’s vocals to sound ever so haunting. Think Depeche Mode’s Violator era and you’re somewhere close.

Leave This Island is another in the same vein, and it even mentions “a Scottish hotel” which will guarantee a rowdy singalong in Glasgow.

On Lydia, The Ink will Never Dry the band return to the stripped-down earlier sound of classics such as The Coast Is Always Changing.

The dark edge returns on Is It True?, with Smith’s Newcastle accent cutting through the gloom beautifully.

I Recognise The Light brings to mind The Smiths’ What Difference Does It Make? while Where We’re Going brings the show to a slightly low-key end in a similar way that Acrobat did on the debut album A Certain Trigger.

It’s great to have them back and in such good form.

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