Young Knives, Sick Octave

You might know Young Knives as a quirky three-piece with a knack for producing indie pop hits full of silly lyrics and catchy choruses.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Indeed, the likes of early hits The Decision and She’s Attracted To were exactly what made us fall in love with them in the first place.

It was on the wonderful Turn Tail that the English group – Henry Dartnall, Thomas ‘The House of Lords’ Dartnall and Oliver Askew – gave a hint of their less playful side.

It’s that more serious edge which is at the forefront on new album Sick Octave.

Having left their major label deal, the band opted to put out their fourth full-length album in that most modern of way – with the help of their fans and a Kickstarter fundraising appeal.

So, as we were saying, we’ve arrived late to the party.

This album was released at the start of the month, but it only came to our attention very recently – and we’re awfully glad it did.

Sick Octave is a more grown up affair than the band have delivered previously.

But rather than being a dramatic departure, it still sounds like Young Knives.

Henry and House of Lords have unmistakable singing voices and they haven’t curbed that in the least.

There is a more electronic feel to the songs however, and, particularly on Preset Columns Default Comets, an experimental side to the new material.

But they can still write a catchy tune.

All Tied Up is brilliant, with its “la la la la” chorus, tinged with dark lyrics and followed by an ominous sounding post-chorus section.

But it’s the hilariously creepy Maureen that really stands out. Is it a tale of a stalker? It sure sounds like it. Thumbs up for showing they haven’t lost their sense of the absurd. This is an album that must be in every indie fan’s collection. Get it now.

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