Chvrches, The Bones Of What You Believe

If there’s a formula for success which pop bands can follow, Glasgow three-piece Chvrches’ copy must have been lost in the mail.

They’ve completely ignored the section on “have a simple, easy-to-remember name”. I don’t know how to pronounce Chvrches and something in my journalistic DNA makes it very difficult for my finger to ignore the “U” key every time I type the band’s name.

And while they look cool in that understated way, they clearly haven’t asked their record label for a stylist. They look like three pals who wear each others’ t-shirts.

But on the rule that says “employ the most attractive singer you can find”, they’ve stuck hard and fast to the guidelines.

It also helps that Lauren Mayberry’s voice is the perfect partner to Chvrches’ electro indie stylings.

“I’ll be a thorn in your side for always,” sings Lauren on We Sink, sending shivers up the spine of every hot-blooded male who comes within earshot of this wonderfully accomplished debut record.

Her Scots accent cuts through the songs, especially on The Mother We Share.

Gun is an early highlight on the album, with its threatening lyrics managing to somehow sound sweet.

Lies is another standout, with synths creating a massive soundscape in the mould of some of Depeche Mode’s most energetic work.

The voice brings to mind The Knife and, at times, Bjork, but that accent helps to set Lauren apart.

While the album never strays far from the slightly laid back electro template of Recover and Lungs (which are both excellent), you couldn’t describe this as repetitive or samey.

There’s plenty here to warrant repeated listens and Chvrches are surely set to be one of the big success stories of 2013.

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