Karnivool, Asymmetry

Review Gangsta generally likes his rock music to go further than loud and angry. And on their third album Asymmetry, Australian prog metal outfit Karnivool have nailed it.

Big, bolshy soundscapes are tempered with subtly beautiful vocals in a mix that overall delivers a sound quite unlike anything else I’ve heard in the last few years.

Karnivool will be filed under ‘metal’ in your local record store, but they deserve so much more than to branded as such.

Album opener Aum is the teaser, rumbling along gently before it explodes into Nachash, the second song and one of the best on this gem of an album.

The album is heavy where it needs to be and quiet when singer Ian Kenny needs the room to do his thing.

He never falls into the metal trap and avoids any unnecessary aggressive vocal stylings, preferring to gain emphasis through subtlety. But the boy can wail, oh yes he can.

On A.M War he cuts loose in spectacular style, while guitars and drums pound out a mind boggling rhythm. And after an explosive chorus, it all falls apart into a spacey verse that shows this band at their very best.

Aeons features some of the creepiest bass guitar work you’ll have heard in ages and Sky Machine is every bit as epic as its title suggests it will be.

The Last Few is as heavy as the album gets, and still it doesn’t descend into heavy metal territory. It’s another track that allows each of Karnivool’s talented members to shine, and shine they do.

If you’re looking for a reference point, think A Perfect Circle, Mew and The Mars Volta – each of which appear to have had an influence on this record.



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